the city of westbrickton deals with all accedents and ems

there is going to be 6 stations up and running by this time due to an incendent so we only have head quarters witch is a ladder engine and cheif and we have a second station is build  so were almost done. 

 there are  4trucks 6engines and 2 quickattacks but there all on order theyll be in by the end of the summer and in serves.

there is 6 chanels fireground1 fireground2 fireground3 search and rescue4  ems/medic5    statflight6










westbrickton fire rescue ems

weatbrickton has 6 chanels 1:dispatch 2:fireground2 3:fireground3 4:search and rescue chanel 5:statflight  6:ems

 we will have 6 stations up and running soon the another group but for now the city is cover by 2 stations a rescue and a ladder company

we work 10day shifts in westbrickton we cover a large area of 46.6miles there are 4trucks  8eng (all on order expected engine 22 and truck49)